Matches, tournaments, practices and knockabouts...

We've had the honour of playing against some awesome opponents in some super venues recently, including:

  • Toby Bawden at Drop Shot and our fantastic Padel coach Victor Perez.

  • Richard Hall-Smith, who organised a brilliant competition at Go Padel in Maldon.

  • The team at Bishop's Park for the superb LTA Padel Event

  • And this weekend we were back at our regular spot: Stratford Padel for the LTA Padel Gold event, where we played in the open and Mark had a first-class stand-in partner, Andy, for the Vets' game!

Our huge thanks to all you guys for playing with us, supporting us and putting up with us while we learn and improve.

Thanks to everyone who's helping us to up our game - we can't wait to show off our skills in Mexico City!!!


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